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Consultation & Training Services


Consulting on Corporate Culture: I work with companies to help them determine, teach and embody their values, mission and purpose.

Emotional Intelligence: Training to help groups learn how to identify, understand and regulate emotions. Help to develop awareness of internal and external responses. 


Positivity and Growth Mindset Training: Training for teams on how to develop a growth mindset, become more resilient, and be more empathetic with co-workers and clients.

Leadership Development: In-depth training and coaching to help move single contributors to a different stage of awareness and capability in management, self-awareness, and coaching. 


Team Coaching: I help teams with communication, interpersonal relationships, and how to best interact with the different personalities that make up their team.

Motivational Speaking: I mix motivation and magic to deliver dynamic sessions focused around the key topics that are important to your organization. A great way to kick off new projects or new fiscal periods.


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