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Personal Coaching & Self-Development


Balance & Meaning: I work with clients to help them determine what is most important for their current stage of life and how to promote balance among life domains.


Job Crafting: Together we will discover how to make your job work for you by crafting tasks, relationships and ways of thinking to get your daily work to support your values and aspirations.

Emotional Intelligence: EI is all about helping you to identify emotions in yourself and others, understanding appropriate responses, and learning tools to de-escalate and redirect.


Positivity and Growth Mindset: Working together, we will systematically shift how our thinking mind interferes with our instinctual imperative to grow, connect and expand our understanding.


Goal Achievement: I help clients learn how to achieve goals with balance, how to visualize, how to self-motivate, and how to build small habits that lead to successful goal attainment. 


Meaningful Relationships: I help clients understand the foundations of strong relationships, how to build social capital, how to demonstrate commitment, and how to mindfully listen to others. 


Life Design: You can craft your own extraordinary life. It begins with understanding what is important to you, then finding your life purpose. Finally, we create a plan to move in that direction.


Self-Acceptance: For those struggling to forgive themselves, I help to develop perspective, to understand fallibility, to identify and focus on strengths, and to learn the importance of self-care and reflection. 


Mindfulness: For those new to mindfulness, I help to understand the practice of mindfulness, the science behind meditation, the role of ego and judgment in self-reflection, and the value of gratitude.


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