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Meet Cap

Certified Positive Psychology Coach & Wonderist

Hi, I'm Cap — Coach, Consultant and Chief Wonderist for the Live for Wonder Network. I'm a former serial entrepreneur, corporate executive, and culture creator for several technology and healthcare companies. After retiring from my career, I've become a positivity coach, culture consultant, podcaster and magic opportunist (which is to say I love to share magic in my work when the opportunity is right).

Currently, I selectively work with organizations to help them build meaningful, more inclusive and empowered cultures. And I work with individuals to help them craft their own extraordinary, by teaching them self-love, emotional intelligence, and the power of a positive mindset. 

Over the course of my career,  my best memories are those of developing people into thoughtful and balanced leaders and connecting them to a mission. At the same time, the most impactful moments of my life have been when I'm creating, sharing or experiencing wonder.


The ability to connect people to the extraordinary creates a seismic shift in their perception. That flash of insight a person gets in a moment of wonder helps them to see the world in a different way. I have found that when you help people to see what is possible — not just in the world around them, but within themselves and others — it creates a chain of excellence. ​People begin to develop a growth mindset that positively affects those around them. 

I use a motivational and engaging approach that helps build on your cultural values, whether those are personal or organizational. I look forward to helping you craft your own extraordinary.

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The Live for Wonder 
Introductory Workshop

Every couple months, I hold a free virtual workshop to introduce people to the fundamental principles of leading a life of wonder - a process of seeing and experiencing things in a way that brings you insight, joy and balance. 

We'll share a few stories, I frequently do a little magic to illustrate a point we are discussing, and we'll explore a topic that relates to building a positive mindset.

These workshops are limited in size, and I normally will prioritize those who are new to our community, so they can become familiar with what we do here. 

Please use the link below to let me know that you are interested in joining us and I'll get you on the list for an upcoming workshop date.


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